Sunday, June 5, 2011 (battered)

So I had lunch this afternoon with a small group of confirmand students.  It was a prize won by a group of 8th grade girls.  We enjoyed our walk to the restaurant, eating on the patio and just enjoying each others company...oh and eating a few packets of sugar ;)

You can imagine my joy when I saw this on the menu:

Yup, beer BATtered haddock sandwich on a ciaBATta bun!  (SOLD!) (and double the bats!)

And now it's nap time.  Today kicked my butt...and it was only a 1/2 day?!?! 
But two worship services, with a last Sunday School class in between.  Twins baptized, high school seniors recognized and blessed, bread broken, wine poured, songs sung, prayers prayed.  Lunch with shenanigans and Godspell a nap...or some thank you notes....or a nap. 

Until the next bat . . .

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