Monday, January 23, 2012

two great tastes...

I had a fantastic evening in the kitchen.  It was pizza night.  I was completely in the mood for barbecue pork pizza.  I had everything I needed except the barbecue sauce.  And with the truck having work done, I was without a vehicle to pick up the sauce at the store.  It took a while to find a recipe that was possible with the ingredients I already had in the house.  Apparently Worcestershire sauce and molasses are very popular ingredients....I'll pick some up the next time I'm a the store, but there are some recipes that do not call for either. 

The one I used was super quick and easy and as the page recommends I would spice it up next time...with some fresh ginger and perhaps some other tasty hints.  Here's a shot of Grandma's Mama's Mama Sauce:

I did add the last of some chipotle pomegranate sauce I had in the fridge, just for fun :)  
Here's a link to the page where I found the simple sauce:  best bbq sauce recipes

I had in my mind that fried onions would be good on this pizza, so I sliced some onions, dipped them in milk and drudged them in flour and fried them in canola oil.  

(Eat your heart out, French's)  I will now make my own onions for green bean casserole.  

So, I made a 1/2 whole wheat crust pizza topped with the barbecue sauce, some leftover smoked pork tenderloin, mozzarella cheese, fried onions and bacon, of course. 


Finished product:

A delicious dinner has been had....and there are leftovers for tomorrow. :)

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