Sunday, January 1, 2012

and now...we rest.

Well, at some point last night I was asked, so, what are the next 30 days about? 

I always forget how quickly the next 30 days creep up. 
The last 30 days (being Advent into Christmas) were very busy.  I am happy to say that I completed the challenge on Daily Mile to run at least one mile a day from Thanksgiving Day until New Year's Eve.  I'm very pleased that I completed this challenge.  While I put on a few pounds over Christmas...and have yet to see the numbers on the scale tomorrow.  I know that daily exercise definitely helped keep off some of the sweet treats and savory carbs that I've ingested.  I'm also looking forward to bringing in cross training back into my workouts as a healthy break from running...and also taking a few rest days during the week.  It was great running everyday, but my legs (a few weeks in) started feeling tired.  So time for the muscles to rest and rebuild will be a good thing all around. 

The next month will be 30 days of REST.  Ah.....after the business of advent and a busy Christmas Eve...and a wonderful open house today, it's time to make sure that the next month allows at least some rest time during each day. 

Today, after the clean-up from the open house, I had the chance for a Sunday afternoon snooze on the sofa.  I can't remember the last time I took a nap, on a Sunday no less.  So the opportunity to just kip out for a while was a wonderful thing! 

Who knows how rest will come into play each day....I don't think a daily nap is realistic, but reading, music, a favorite tv show....could be times of rest for me in January. 

Here's hoping Marley can be an inspiration:

I hope to be posting more than just a few times a month.  I kept tabs on myself last month by posting my miles on daily mile.  I logged a total of 1289.97 miles this past year.  Woo hoo! 

Let's see how those numbers change in 2012. 

Until the next post . . .

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