Monday, January 2, 2012

new numbers and single digits at that!!!

I hopped on the scale this morning and it was 150.0.

I'm pretty pleased.  This was my goal weight when I started the South Beach diet at the beginning of November.  The week prior to Christmas I was down to 147.  In the past two weeks I came up to 150.   I'm pretty stinkin happy to be where I'm at.  The balance of eating more veggies, and bringing in whole grains for my carb fixes is a good thing for me.  My hard work was well rewarded at the outlets today.  Two new pairs of size 8 and the other size 6.  I told my mom that I got new jeans today...and she said what size?  When I told her she said, "oh, f - woah, I almost said the F word." True, she nearly did.  She did say that I literally ran my ass off last month.  Very true. 

My resting time for today came after the shopping adventure.
I enjoyed a rerun of Project Runway and painted my nails with a latte and tasty muffin from panera.  I had time to write some thank you notes, which need to be done this week, but I figured taking some down time for myself today was a good thing.  Not to mention feeling pretty sassy with some fun, dark red nails. 

Off to bed so I'm ready for a trail run in the morning. 

Until tomorrow . . .

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