Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what happened yesterday?

As I look back on yesterday...I'm not really sure what I did to relax....and that's not a good thing. 
My colleague and I have been talking about how we're both really tired this week...we just feel that this week, things just keep coming.  I guess it was good yesterday to have a later start to the day, so I got a nice run in at the beginning of the day. 
I did spend some time in the afternoon getting caught up with my words with friends games....and while I perused facebook for a while the cat was napping on my lap.  Perhaps she was trying to show me how to relax. 
I purposely worked on a bunch of thank you notes for the folks who helped with the major renovations on my house so tonight I could really relax. 

Today, I made it out for a nice walk after work...even though it was sprinkling just a bit.  I had some fun in the kitchen making a pot of chili and some cornbread....and getting caught up on yesterday's Daily Show & Colbert Report.  I've also enjoyed some guilty pleasure tv watching:  which includes Toddlers & Tiaras (just this once, not a fave) and now I'm flipping between Hoarding: Buried Alive and Top Chef: Texas. 

Once lunch is packed for tomorrow and the running clothes are clean for tomorrow's run...then it's off to bed. 

Until tomorrow . . . .

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