Saturday, January 7, 2012

beer and truffles

Today's moment of relaxation is brought to you by the Craft Ale House .

I enjoyed a tasty Flemish Sour Ale from Monks It was a favorite stomping ground for a bunch of us while in seminary in Philly.  It was wonderful to have a really tasty brew.  That was paired with a tasty spinach dip with a toasted baguette.  After that I thoroughly enjoyed a pizza with wild mushrooms and truffles....topped with arugula.  Super yum!  I had a tasty Bells Winter White Ale along side of it.

Let me just say that the very relaxing evening followed some shopping and a walk along the trail because it was 60ยบ today. And while the beer and the food were both amazing, the company was the best part. I'm so lucky to have an amazing man with whom I can share many adventures, be myself and just have fun. 

All in all a great day...but a most relaxing and enjoyable evening.

Until tomorrow . . .

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