Tuesday, January 3, 2012

making tracks

So my time of rest today came by attending a book study. 

There has been a group of women meeting the first Tuesday of the month for Bible Study.  The group had dwindled to 2 or 3 women a month and we wondered and talked and prayed about what to do in the future.  I'm thankful that one of the women was willing to lead a book study.  I am able to read, participate in the conversation, fellowship and enjoy the blessings of a group of women.  I'm looking forward to next month. 

I had the chance to get a handful of Christmas thank you notes written earlier, too...so I'm chilling with The Biggest Loser and some tea before heading to bed. 

I did make it out to the trail this morning....even with the 26º temp and light dusting of snow.  Here's the pic from my truck after my 3.8 miles this morning. 

I loved seeing just one other set of human prints on the trail...and many other critter's tracks.  It was a nice break from the treadmill and my regular loop in the neighborhood. 

Until tomorrow and another opportunity for rest . . .

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