Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tears of joy and sorrow?

I can't help but cry sometimes. 

I have the opportunity to be with people during challenging, sad and difficult times.  So I sat with an older couple today that within the last year and a half has become homebound.  They often talk about how much they enjoy visits and especially ones with home communion.  As we prayed before we shared the meal I asked them if there was anything particular or special that we could pray for.  The husband, whose Alzheimer's seems to get worse as the weeks pass, used to tell stories and jokes to no end.  Now he sleeps most of the day, and usually most of my visit.  As we gathered together to pray and I asked if there was anything special...he paused and said, pray for people who don't get out, for those who can't go like they used to.  (tears come to my eyes as I think of him speaking earlier today...) so often when I ask people who or what we should pray for, they most often lift up others...how amazing is that?  That no matter what we are facing, God still works through us and helps us to see beyond our own little world to see the bigger picture. 

Today we prayed for all the sick and all the homebound, especially the couple I with whom I prayed.  We shared the Lord's Supper..we smiled, cried and hugged.  God is with and was with that couple today. 

I am blessed that God ministers to me through the people I'm called to serve. 

Until tomorrow...

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