Monday, November 1, 2010

Bad Girls gone good.

Great conversations with many wonderful different women today.

Today during Bad Girls Bible study we were discussing visiting home-bound members...and one woman said, hey, that would be a great thing for the women's group to do.  We could take turns visiting and bringing communion to people.  Most definitely, I said.  God's work, our hands...naming and claiming the gifts God has given us to minister to others. 

We've had this once a month lunchtime Bible study for just about a year now.  I've either hosted the ladies for lunch at my house or from time to time we got out for a bite to eat at the local cafe.  I love the fellowship that happens around the dining room table, the laughter, the tears and the prayers.  As we finished up today, I asked each of them to promise to pray for each other...I'm sure they/we already do that, but I thought, let's say it out loud.  So we prayed and as people departed one woman said, well, would you all come to my house next month?   I'd have to figure out what to fix, but would that be okay?  Oh yeah, it would!  Then another woman said, well, how about my house the next month?  This woman was attending for the first time today, and has just recently returned to frequent worship with her husband.  How wonderful that she joined us to and is ready to host this group, already.  God is definitely up to something! 

Until tomorrow...

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