Monday, November 8, 2010

oh, I had a good idea earlier...what was it?

As far as facebook status updates and tweets are concerned, so are the topics/ideas/thoughts on my blog.  Sometime during the day I have a clever thought (who am I kidding) more clever thoughts than I can keep track of, but I don't write them or tweet them at that moment and then they are gone. 

So perhaps my idea for today's blog came to me earlier, but may have changed since then. 

A couple thoughts on God at work in the world today:

Firstly, I had another flat tire on Katarina.  :( Luckily, similar to the first one, it happened while putting the air in the tires.  Perhaps I need a bicycle pumps for dummies book.  I was totally ready for the ride, layered up and everything, when I put air in the back tire, pulled off the pump and the valve on the tube as well...there is nothing as sad sounding as a tire, just before a ride saying, "psssssssssssssssss......" as all the remaining air left the tire...oh well, Katarina heads to the bike shop either tomorrow or next week.  I did the planned ride on my hand-me-down mountain bike. (The hills were a bit different with fatter tires and different gear options.)  But I did ride today :)

The other cool moments, or God moments from today came through phone calls.  The first two were from a parishioner.  I am so thankful for the time that we have to build relationships.  That time spent getting to know one another allowed for communication and heartfelt conversation today.  (Thanks, God, for that...because it was amazing to be present for that person...and to hear back from that person later in the day.)

The second phone call was from a friend/colleague who needed some time and space to vent.  I like being there to listen and to love my friends when they need to just let go. 

Today I've been reminded of the ministry of presence, for folks within the parish and folks in my life.  I'm glad to have been there to listen, to laugh and to pray.  I'm also glad for friends who are there for me, too, offering advice, love and prayers.  You all rock!

Please pray for all kids, everywhere....until tomorrow...

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