Saturday, November 6, 2010

local is good.

I bought my first Christmas presents today.  I believe this is the earliest I've ever started.  And I'm pretty excited about them, because I was at a one stop shopping event, with lots and lots of different vendors.   Many of the vendors were big business with local folks hosting parties to sell the goods.  Now don't get me wrong, it was a great event...there were door prizes and the opportunity to support local folks within the community. 
My pure joy came from buying gifts that were hand made in Loogootee.  I'm sure my mom and sister will love them!  (After Christmas I'll be able to tell you what they were.) I know I will be making more purchases from that wonderful woman for friends as well as some gifites for me :) Then I'll post details about her work and her products. 

So the other cool part about One Stop Shopping was this cool interaction between a diverse group of women. Young and old, chatting about all sorts of things, even God.  I actually had someone who was sharing a story about how she had gotten back from a 'walk' (probably an Emmaus Walk) and how she was talking with her husband about it, who isn't a Christian.  She was telling him, you can be a Christian and still have a beer.  You don't have to change what you like to do, just let God work through you. 
Amen, sister.

I like it when the preacher hears the gospel message.

In other news, I'm quite looking forward to an extra hour of sleep tonight. 

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