Wednesday, November 3, 2010

becoming more aware...

So now that I've begun blogging (again) I'm noticing God's work in the world more so than I have before.  (Somewhat of an embarrassing confession from a pastor, but it's true.)

Multiple God spottings today. 

This is the one that left me thanking God over and over and over. 
I was headed to Bible study and with just 5 minutes before start time and there was just one person.  I thought, well, there are at least 2 people who told me they wouldn't be here...but some others should show....and then three others showed up.  We were talking and greeting one another when another couple walked in.  It was their first time at Wednesday evening Bible Study...and we welcomed them with open arms.  They shared that they had been attending a Wednesday evening Bible study at a church that is closer to their home, but tonight that study was at the local nursing home, so they decided to join us.  And what a night for it, tonight's scripture opened conversations about seeing outside of our own lives.  When we do that, no matter what stage of life we are in, God's light shines through us and draws out God's light in others around us.  That was so hard for me say as I looked around the table and saw a woman who had breast cancer and still has leukemia, sitting next to a couple with a daughter recently diagnosed with leukemia, and next to them was a couple who had just lost a mother/mother-in-law.

I hope that the new couple (who are members of the congregation) felt the love and support from those who surrounded them.  One question asked how do we, as a congregation, salt the earth/community/those around us.  A participant said, do we do enough?  And the newer couple replied, yes, we've received all sorts of gifts, cards and financial support. 

Through different conversations, smiles shined through and tears were shed and wiped away.  God is at work though each and everyone of us...even when we don't think we've got anything to give.  I give thanks to God for bringing that group to Bible Study tonight...for the open, honest conversation, for the chances to laugh and the opportunity to shed tears.  There was love in that room...I pray that everyone felt God working through them.  

I also saw God at work in the young boy in front of me at the grocery store this evening...he saw I only had two things and offered to let me go in front of him.  I thanked him, but since he only had two things I said he should go...first.   (and sometimes it's the little moments)

Until tomorrow...

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