Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the not so very hungry pastor

Breakfast in Loogootee with local colleagues.

Lunch with more colleagues in Jasper. 

An afternoon homebound visit and homemade apple pie (yum!) with ice cream. (two scoops)

I'm not hungry.  At all.

More important, however, from today was my opportunity to feed people. 
There is something so humbling about sharing the Lord's Supper in the presence of someone's home.  There is an intimate feeling, but also one of the presence of the saints surrounding us as we eat and drink.  We get to share in a meal that has been shared with the communion of saints around the world.  It is a small gathering of the larger church.  Folks are thankful for the opportunity to share in communion.  I'm humbled that I can share this meal with them. 

Just one more reminder that God is always with us...guiding us, feeding us, strengthening us and sending us off in service for others. 

Until next time...

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