Thursday, November 4, 2010

nap disorientation.

So, I'm super thankful to wonderful colleagues today.  One who drove and the other navigated, so I was relegated to napping in the back seat on the way home from lunch. And maybe it was the long day, or maybe it was the shiner bock at lunch , or maybe it was just riding in the back of the car that lulled me off to sleep.  Well, I woke up to see the sights of Jasper and when we got back to the church I said my goodbyes, hopped out and got into the truck to drive home.  To my surprise, or shock, even, I had left my cell in my colleague's car!  I was completely amazed that I had done that....(I'm still slightly in shock.) I said, okay God, what's the lesson? 

When I made it home, I had a call from my colleague that she had my cell (one sigh of relief, because, pretty much most of my connections are there) but the garage had been locked, so she couldn't get to the car! I said, no worries, at least the cell is safe, really safe, being in a car in a locked garage and everything.  She didn't want me making the 40 minute drive to her place if we couldn't even get to the phone.  So she'd call when the garage was open. 

I looked at the clock and realized that even if she called back in the next 10 minutes I'd have to rush to her place, pick up the cell, turn around and rush back to make it to the meeting scheduled at 7pm.  So I thought, how important is it?  Really, I can get online at home...I have a land I really need the phone?  I realized I was headed in that direction tomorrow anyway and I could just pick it up in the morning.  I put on the kettle, made a cup of tea and decided to spend my pre-meeting time reading.  My colleague called back, after breaking into her garage to say the cell was now safe inside the house and she apologized for the inconvenience.  I said, no worries, the cell is located (that was my biggest fear, that it had fallen out in a parking lot somewhere) and that I would get it in the morning.

I know God was in all that the kindness of a the space in the afternoon gifted to me not only to nap, but also to sip tea and read....and in the reminder that sometimes I do not need to be connected to the entire world in the palm of my hand. 

If I don't check my email again tonight, that's okay. 
If I miss someone's hilarious status update, it's not the end of the world. 
And maybe my thumbs needed a break from texting. 

I am thankful that it didn't go missing...but that it's missing from my life tonight, that's okay, too.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. beautiful. And enjoy all my texts... when you get them. ;-)