Sunday, November 7, 2010

on the road again

First of all, I am so thankful that I did not set all my clocks back before going to bed last night.  The power went out at just about 2:00 this morning, so there would have been resetting again this morning.  It was out for about 4 hours, so I'm also thankful for the extra blanket that kept me cozy. :)

After worship I enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner (that couldn't be beat) with a hundred or so of my closest friends in Martin County.  I had dinner at the 4-H building with many folks from church and many more from the community.  I'm now in the mood for more pumpkin roll... The post dinner nap was wonderful! 

With the sun out this afternoon, I had planned on going for a walk.  I anticipated the nap, so I was dress and ready to walk before kipping out.  The clothes were not as motivating as I had hoped, though.  I thought, okay, I guess I could walk.  I think post Hilly Hundred I rested, and then, well, it was just tough to get back into the groove.  I've walked a few times, but nothing on a regular basis.  Without a regular exercise routine, I start to not feel too good.  I don't sleep as well, and I definitely do not eat as well.  It's somewhat of an unhealthy spiral.  (Apparently my wellness wheel was out of whack.)

Thanks to my cycling buddy, Carolyn, and her facebook post on an unhealthy exhaust during a run and a reminder that the weather is great and perfect for a ride . . . I put some air in Katarina's tires, filled up the water bottle and hit the road.  The weather was beautiful.  The wind was tricky in some directions, but felt great at my back in other directions. 

Carolyn was definitely the presence of God in my life today.  She was the voice/face/post? of God calling me to get off my butt and get outside.  I'm truly grateful for her motivation.  (She's awesome!)

Until tomorrow, or the next God sighting...

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