Monday, September 5, 2011

a month in pictures...

It's 30 Days of Biking Round 4!

Day One: A nice 8 mile ride around town. 

Day two: not pictured.
It was a short ride around a few blocks in the neighborhood after an 8.3 mile run.

Day 3: Vespers on Wheels
An evening ride, with some prayers and a quick chat with a parishioner out for an evening stroll.

Day 4: Bike ride to the Jigger Shop.  A snack of fries with cheese, bacon & onions and sharing a cheesebruger and a crab cake sandwich :) 
Just outside of Mt. Gretna is the old fountain.  

Day 5: a rainy ride....and a serious face. 

There's rain in the forecast for the next few days, so my bright green top will be paired with all sorts of sassy bottoms :) 

Until the next ride...

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