Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here comes the rain again...

With a week's worth of rain in the future I laughed out loud when I heard Anne Lennox belting out 'Here comes the rain again...'  I'm sure rain songs will wear out their welcome shortly, but it was uplifting today. 

Today's ride was in some serious rain...and it's in the 60s.  So I layered up and hit the road.  I enjoyed being on the back roads and only hearing the rain on the roads and on my helmet.

I still can't believe that in a steady rain that I passed on the elliptical and went for a ride.  I guess that's what 30 Days of Biking will do to you....I mean it's not like it cleared up at all during the day.
Tomorrow doesn't look so good either, unless it's a good sign that chance of precip drops from 100% to 80%. 

I think I need some sassy rubber boots. 

Here's a shot taken after this morning's ride:

Bonus to a ride in the rain: Katarina looked super shiny after a nice wipe down :)

Until the next ride . . .

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