Sunday, September 18, 2011

The last few days . . .

Day 13:
I was checking this out in Lititz....I didn't buy it, but was tempted to...

I did ride that afternoon before a tasty dinner of apps with good friends :)

Days 14 & 15 were indoor rides.  The indoor laps have still been injury free. 

While Day 14 wasn't photo documented...the next day was. 

Who doesn't love biking indoors in their gnome pajamas? 

Day 16:  I planned on a tail ride, but the trails by the river are still closed due to the floods from last week.  I did do a short road ride near the path. 

Day 17:
Last night I went for a quick night ride in the church parking lot.  (no pics, just a quick ride)

Day 18:  I paid tribute to #30daysofbiking as well as National Cheeseburger Day. 

A quick ride to the local burger joint on the corner.  A California cheeseburger with a side of onion rings :) 

It's been a few easy days of rides.  The running has been much better this week, so I've taken it easier on the non-running days.  

Until the next ride . . .

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