Saturday, September 10, 2011

catching up

Day 8: injury free

The last time I rode indoors I bruised my knuckles....I'm proud to say this day's ride did not leave me with any bumps or bruises. 

Here was my track:

 Gotta love the smooth terrain of a hardwood floor. 

Day 9: oh...the sun....

I got a quick lap in around the parking lot before getting ready for a wedding rehearsal and dinner.

A big thank you to my personal photographer.  (He is amazing!)

And 10: 

The sun is out again. I got a good run in this morning.  It took it slow and steady for 5.6 miles and will increase mileage next week, but it felt good to get out. 

(I think the shadow shots are still my fave.)

The waters are receding, but streams are still high.  I marvel at the patterns in the grass, and the dirt on the roads from the flood water levels.  I hope the sun continues to sun continues to dry things out. 

I hope tomorrow's ride is on the trail, but that depends on the amount of recent water. 

Until the next ride . .

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