Wednesday, September 7, 2011

in a funk...

So the rain continues...
In the midst of riding my bike every day this month, I'm also training for the Hartford 1/2 Marathon in October.  I'll be running with my mom and it's her first 1/2.  I'm so excited and proud of her.

So I've been training for about a month now and I think I've hit a funk.  The two runs I've done this week have been rough.  Today was a run/walk.  It was horrible.  While there is part of me that is tempted to give it a go tomorrow, I think a day of rest is in my best interest.  My legs have felt like lead this week.  Ugh.  Okay, just needed to get that out of my system, because my training up to this point has been pretty awesome.  Great times and I've felt great on the distance I guess a down week is all a part of running.

In other news, I made a delicious soup this evening. 
Butternut squash and black bean = Super delicious.  

After my run/walk today I did take the mountain bike out for a short spin.

Day 7: Same weather, different bike and shoes.

Until the next ride . . .

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  1. I'm in a running funk this week too. I keep reminding myself that it's totally normal for this to happen every now and then. It's definitely not fun, but I won't stress if you don't! ;)