Monday, August 1, 2011

August is here. this past week I had a blast sending letters from camp. 
When I got home, there were three pieces of 'real' mail in my pile of mail from the post office.  So exciting! :) 

Now that August is here, I'm planning on running 31 miles in the next 31 days. 

I've also been drawn back into praying the hours. 
It was such a calming and focusing practice during Advent.  During the time of serious transition and discernment, goodbyes and last was such an important part of my journey. 

Now that I'm getting settled and finding a groove in the new call and new home, I think re-entering into this practice will be a good thing. 

In other news, I met with the senior pastor today.  And I shared that one of my highlights from yesterday's trip to the local theme park was when I was hanging out with 4 high school boys...and we we just walked around the park shooting the breeze.  I said I love that this is who I'm called to be.  He's ecstatic that I'm building relationships with the youth...I'm loving it, too! 

Until next time . . .

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  1. ah camp. :) re: talking to the young dudes - it does take a special person to communicate with different age groups with ease. Very cool for you and for the young dudes to have that knack.