Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ministry moment of the day.

Okay, so we're in day three of Trinity's All Star Sports Camp - VBS 2011.  :) 
We have an opening in the morning, with a bible story, songs, introducing the theme of the day and a prayer. 
Then the kiddos divide up and go to the sport they signed up for (basketball, baseball, cheerleading, football, soccer or sports media) and practice.  After snack they switch to music and crafts. 

Each day we have a theme:
Day one: Confidence & Faith
Day two: Teamwork
Day three: Perseverance

Let me just say that it felt like Wednesday.  By the end of the day...time for the closing and the energy level may have been a bit low. 
We ask, what's the theme of the day?
perseverance....they say. 
We ask again...(a little louder) What's the theme of the day?
PERSeverance they reply (a bit louder...but still lacking.)
We ask one more time...this time shouting....WHAT'S THE THEME OF THE DAY?
And this time, from the back row, the soccer coach stands up raises his arms and in the loudest deepest voice yells, "PERSEVERANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Then he shouts, soccer players, "what's the theme?" 
The shout, "perseverance!"
So the baseball coach stands up and says, baseball players, "What's the theme of the day?"
They shout back, "Perseverance!!!" 

This went on through the sports, until the cheerleaders.  The cheer coach stood up and said, the cheerleaders say it a bit differently and they all stand up and start their cheer, "DON'T GIVE UP! DON'T GIVE UP! DON'T GIVE UP!"

It was so amazing.  So powerful.  To see the youth inspired by their coaches and by each other to shout and share. 

Both the senior pastor and I wanted to hug the soccer coach.  It was awesome. 

I'm so thankful for all the volunteers who are helping this week.  We have 7 coaches with youth assistants, kitchen helpers, registration helpers, leaders for the 4-yr-old mini camp, musicians and craft leaders all making it possible for nearly 100 kids to experience the love and grace of God.
Bring on day 4....because the Spirit is blowing!

I took some down time to myself this evening for some homemade pizza, buffy and a letter to a good friend in 08052. 
I'm thankful for the air conditioning as the excessive heat warning is now on until Saturday evening.  eep. 

Stay cool friends.

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