Tuesday, July 19, 2011

and some more catch up . . .

The past few days (no wait.....) nearly a week has been zany.  Full of ministry excitement..ups and downs...day camp and lock-ins and worship (oh my) VBS and visits and pool time and dinners and swim meets....you name it. It's come this way. 

So to catch up I wrote several letters in the past few days....by the end of the month I will have sent 30, just maybe not sticking to my one a day plan.  It's interesting how some 30 days are easy to do a 'thing' a day and others are easy to procrastinate....thanks to the blog, and some readers out there...I feel as if I should keep up. 

Granted all of these have been written in the past few days, but I'll give them each a day of their own:
7/13 - 01845
7/14 - 46060
7/15 - 69061
7/16 - 92111
7/17 - 06066
7/18 - 03304
7/19 - 06066

But that's the latest set sent out...off to the post office tomorrow for more fun stamps, which may I say, are much more fun to put on letters than on bills.

Until the next letter or several . . . 

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