Saturday, January 26, 2013


A wonderful sabbath day was had yesterday.  

From a new haircut, to relaxing with my fiance, to a little tidying up in the kitchen, to dinner with good friends, and finishing off the day with some tasty home brew.  

It was a day that provided relaxation, friendship, good food, rest and time away from work.  

Yay for sabbath days.  

Today began early....and it was cold....but the first annual Frosted Chocolate Buns 5K was a success!  
The race was well received even with the freezing temps!  I was super thankful that I was able to run.  After over 3 months of rest due to Achilles Tendonitis, I was given the okay to run on Monday.  The tendon felt fine.  I started the race with friends of mine, but as we skirted around slush and ice, they bobbed and weaved ahead....and I didn't hustle to keep up.  It felt so good just to be out there.  I found my groove and stuck with it.  I'll be back running with them soon enough.  

I indulged in a map this afternoon, since I haven't run in 3 months I was pretty tired after the race. 

I did muster up the energy after worship to check out the Chocolate Festival at church.  I walked around the silent auction and placed a few wagers and hoped for the best.  After a second round of wagers I ended up winning one of the baskets.  It contained a nalgene bottle, power bars, and a three month membership to the local gym.  I'm pretty excited.  It looks like cross training and strength training is in my future.  Good times.  

Here's hoping you all are having some good days...some restful moments and daily joys.  

Until the next post . . . 

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