Thursday, January 17, 2013

Best. Bars. Ever.

Last Friday night there was an epic baking experience in my kitchen.

Thanks to some good music and more importantly and awesomely cool sous chef....I mean friend, who was here visiting from New York we made the Best. Bars. Ever.
The Book:

The recipe: Margarita Cookie Bars (p. 223)

This was the first time I made a 'lemon bar' type recipe.  And having my dear friend Steph in the kitchen with me was the highlight of the evening.  

With all-purpose flour (what are all those purposes? see post script), powdered sugar and butter ready to go in the mixer, we began the base of the bars.  I started it up, went to check something in the other room and when I came back, it was to this:

The site of the flourpocalypse.   
The next morning I found some on the water pitcher.   

Luckily all the rest of the bar ingredients made it into the pan and into the oven.  

The next step was the margarita part stuff....Steph's first time zesting!  Watch out lime...

 Lots of zest means a naked lime. Or half a naked lime, the half-naked lime?  That would be a great name for a bar at the beach.  

There's the amazing Steph with the baked bars!

The only thing missing in that picture is the final touch of confectioners' sugar.  Yup, I did say confectioners' sugar.  You may have noticed above that the recipe called for powdered sugar.  It did.  The first half of the recipe called for powdered sugar and the second half called for confectioners'.  We had to check it several times.

It was so fun baking with a friend.

Until the next post . . .

Post Script.
Purposes for all purpose flour

Yeti making
Flouring fingers
Leaving tracks showing where the cat has been
Showing exactly where you brushed up against the counter in a black shirt
Making it snow inside (or out)

This certainly can't be all the purposes, so feel free to make additions to this list.

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