Friday, May 11, 2012

Triple B.

Today has been fabulous.  I can't believe I was up before 7 on my day off.  But it was totally worth it.  I pulled Katarina out of the attic and prepped her last night for a ride.
She's in pretty good shape, but ready for a tune up.

Here's a shot from this morning's ride.

When I made it to Pottstown, Katarina was dropped off at the bike shop.  She'll get a tune up, new rear breaks and the handle bars will be re-taped.  The good news is that all in all the fellow at the shop said she was well built and he was surprised that I hadn't had her serviced before.  I can't wait until she's spruced up :)  I've had some knee pains lately when running, so I'm happy to integrate some long rides for cross-training.

The afternoon was filled with all things brew-tastic.  First we brewed a Brewers Best Summer Ale
It was much speedier being outside using the propane burner (used in the past for the turkey fryer) which meant we had a stellar rolling boil when necessary and no super humid kitchen.

I have two loves when it comes to home brewing.  My new found love is the spent grains.  If you've been reading my blog you can see the trial recipes I've been test tasting.  So, I'm excited to have another set of grains on my hands.  

My second favorite thing when it comes to brewing is the HOPS!  This kit included bittering hops, flavoring hops and aroma hops.  I pretty much sniffed each of them before they were added. 

And written over (and over) in The Complete Joy of Home Brewing "Relax! Have a home brew!"


And then we wait....

Time to chill....

We moved it inside to do it's thing....took a quick break and then preceded to bottle the Hefeweizen. 
It was in the second fermentation in a carboy from my dad.  (Thanks, Klaus.)

 And then we bottled....

A wonderful day.

Thanks, Billy for the pictures and the video and for the awesome day. (<3 you!)

Until tomorrow . . .

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