Monday, May 7, 2012

best. crust. ever. I took what was left of the dough (with the spent grains) I made on Friday and transformed it into pizza crust. 

It is by far my favorite crust. 

I still am not the best at the round pizza. 

But when it came looked like this:

It's topped with turkey sausage, red & green peppers, mozzarella and freshly grated parm. 

But this is THE best part:

Just look at the holes....the crust had the crunch and the chew!  So amazing! 

Here's hoping I don't eat it all tonight....all though it would be a killer carbo-loading for tomorrow's run. 

I may make another batch of those spent grain cookies after tonight's meeting, because I have been craving some more of them ever since I finished the last one.

Until tomorrow . . .

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