Thursday, May 3, 2012

a tall cold one

Today's adventures in the world of brews...was drinking one :)

That's pretty much it...oh and I thawed the spent grains from the Dead Ringer IPA that Billy and I brewed in March.  It's called dead ringer because of it's crazy resemblance to Bells 2 Hearted IPA (my favorite brew!) 

Here's a shot from the day I had a Bells alongside the dead ringer


....aroma and taste were spot on....color, on the other hand, is our growing edge...

It's super has a great hops aroma and a tasty hoppy flavor. 

It was the perfect way to ring in the weekend.  For those of us who work on Sunday...and have Fridays off...Thursday is the new Friday. 

I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow with a long run, some house cleaning, some time with the BF and a Cinco de Mayo dinner...even though it's Quatro de Mayo.  The sangria is in the fridge to allow the fruit, juice & brandy, and red wine combine overnight.  Good times. 

Until tomorrow . . . when the baking will commence with the spent grains :)

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