Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mayday! Mayday!

Well, May is here. 

I've spent lots of time thinking about the next 30 days.  I had multiple ideas for this month.

One was more practical than fun.  You see, some times my work days are super jam packed and I just get home and am in the mood to do nothing....and when I have several of those in a row by the time some time off arrives, I need to fill a chunk of it with house cleaning/laundry/errands.  Which do not make for a very fun day off.  Luckily this month comes with some real time off....therefore doing things around the house each day won't really work.  But I should at least give it a go.

Okay, a load of laundry is now in the washer.

Another thing I've been thinking about is the way I've been eating.  Now that veggie stands are starting to open back up for the spring/summer, there are many more opportunities to shop and eat locally....as well as eat a bit healthier....that being said, I enjoyed asparagus this evening that was picked this morning by parishioners of mine.

This is what they looked like before they went on the grill.

What can I say?  I love bacon!  And it was super delicious around that asparagus.
But again, with the opportunity to get away for work and for fun this month some of the meals will be out of my hands....and while I can eat locally on vacay, while on a retreat...I'll eat what is on the menu...and it'll be the first time having Walking Tacos!  (I'm pretty excited about that!)

But I can say that right now that house smells awesome due to the fact that I've taken the remnants of the chicken I roasted last week and with some carrots, celery, garlic, and spices I'm making my own chicken stock.  (Ina Garten would say that's the only stock you should use...)

After it cools, I'll have the chance to freeze it and save it for soups.  I also have a bag of veggie remnants in the freezer that I've been meaning to turn into veggie stock.  That might happen this weekend.  As part of that healthier eating, I've been trying to make more of the food I eat.  I know, that sounds funny, but to get away from too many pre-processed foods, especially when I can make stuff on my own.

So that leaves me still with trying to figure out what to focus on for the next 30 days....and I've decided on brews.   My boyfriend and I have begun home brewing.  I guess we're brewers.  (It sounds so formal.)  He's been doing all sorts of reading and I have several books, but have not opened one.  So, this is the month for it....whether I'm trying home or craft brews....(nothing like drinking local!) reading about growing hops or brewing procedures or having fun with brewing supplies, like figuring out how to make bread with the grains from previously brewed beers....who knows what the next month will bring.

It should be pretty fun and educational.

Until next time . . .

PS....and now for some time with The Complete Joy of Home Brewing. :)

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