Sunday, April 15, 2012

pizza and beer.

So, today was the day to taste the Dead Ringer IPA....a dead ringer of my favorite beer: Bell's Two Hearted.

The fun that comes with reusing bottles means one of these is actually Bell's and the other is Northern Brewer Dead Ringer IPA....a dead ringer because it is identical, if not better (say some) than the Two Hearted. 

The dead ringer is the one on the can see it's darker than it's counterpart.  I can tell you that the aromas were identical.  Both gave off a great hop scent.  (Yum!)  And after several sips of each....I the flavors were spot on.  So the color difference may be from steeping for too long...or something else that happened in our brewing process.  The good news is that it tastes good.  So, no burden to consume it :)   Bottles were opened in PA and in CT and the CT contingency gave it rave reviews!  

In other news I learned that my oven goes up to...

....which is pretty stinkin' hot!  I used the dough I had in the fridge which I used for a round loaf last week, a pita yesterday and thought...hey, let's try it as a pizza dough.  And I'm happy to say the blend of rye, wheat and AP flour works well for a pizza crust.  With this crust, you bake it at a super high heat...and it was done in 8 minutes!


I went with a simple topping of olive oil, fresh oregano, sliced tomato and mozzarella.  I love that this crust has a crunch on the bottom, but is still a bit chewy in the middle.  Since I've started using the pizza stone, my crusts and been quite crisp, but this temp and this dough is a great mix.  I may try the light wheat dough next.

All in all a great evening of homemade pizza and beer.

The only peril associated with making a dead ringer is that I ended up with two beers...oh well, I'm willing to take one (or 2) for the team!

I can say that a full day with worship and confirmation made for some great moments....I'll share the sermon and a great experience in worship this morning tomorrow.

Until tomorrow . . .

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