Thursday, April 12, 2012

birthdays, ice cream and moms that care. the moments of seeing the risen Lord in my midst over the past two days all involves kids.

I have been in conversation with parents lately about their kids.  In the cases this week it was with parents of pre-teens or teens....and let me begin by saying this, I'm definitely not a parent.  So I can listen and offer advice, but I am in no was a permanent fixture in their home seeing all the ins and outs and all that goes along with family life.  That being said, I am so blessed to be a presence in the lives of families, to be there and listen and share and participate and encourage and love.  I saw the risen Lord in the midst of the struggles and challenges that parents and youth face.  The opportunity to learn and grow with them and to be yet another adult in the lives of the youth (because the more the merrier) is truly a blessing and an honor.  There is the reality that life isn't always smooth sailing, but there is the promise that God is with us in the midst of the challenges and struggles and joys and celebrations that is all a part of our life here together.

And today....I wish I had the opportunity to take two pictures.

So, imagine these with me if you will....

I walk out of the house this morning and see the usual crew waiting for the school bus.  The fashion statement this morning was the girl who turned 4 yesterday.  She was waiting with her PopPop and older sister and she was sporting her new pink bicycle shirt (that she got from her aunt yesterday) and the orange, pink and yellow scarf (that I gave her yesterday) and she was happy as a clam in her new outfit.  It was totally smile worthy.

Later in the day I was on my way home from a meeting in Reading.  As I enter Wernersville I come across The Cone.  (The *awesome* ice cream place.)  Well, I can see some boys standing in front of the cone playing trucker honk the best they can.  (Trucker honk is where you shake your arm up and down to make the trucks that pass by blow their horns, I'm sure you're tried it before...go ahead, admit it...and smile.)  So I get closer and realize that I know these boys (middle schoolers) from church!  So I honk & wave frantically....and one of them says..."Pastor Jen!" and they all wave frantically.  I laughed out loud.

I love this place...I love the relationships built within the context of the body of Christ that carries out into our communities and radiates love and laughter and joy to those around us.

May you see these moments around the interactions with others that make you grumbly or happy....because God is in all these moments...reaching out to you and those around you as life goes on.

This was the birthday cupcake delivered to my desk yesterday :)

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