Tuesday, April 17, 2012

an email and a text message.

I received this email this morning and promptly asked if I could share it on my blog.  The response was an overwhelming YES!!!!  So here it is,

Subject line: I saw Jesus :) !

I wanted to share with you that we see Jesus every year with the Easter Baskets.  However, this year was particularly special in that we received the huge number of brand new books for the Easter Bags; but in addition to that, when we were at The Children's Home of Reading carrying the bags into the building, the gal that coordinates the project with me from CHOR asked me why the bags were so heavy this year:)?  I went on to tell her that we were given all of these great books, and each child 7-18 years old was getting a Diary of the Wimpy Kid book.  I wish I could share the look on her face!  She was so happy.  She turned to me and said, "Oh my gosh, Kathy!!!  We are really working hard with the kids on reading, and one of their favorite series of books is The Diary of the Wimpy Kid!  They will be so excited to have a copy of their own to keep!"  And in that moment, I knew that Jesus had a plan for those books, and he placed them in our hands to pass on to the children:)!

***** There were folks here during Holy Week to help fill bags with all sorts of donated items, from treats to books to fun little toys.  It's wonderful that the needs within our greater community can be met through the generous gifts people share of their time and their money. 

This week our congregation houses people connected with Family Promise.  We have great volunteers from the congregation who help prepare and share meals as well as spend a night at church to be present with our guests.  Well, this past Sunday several youth came to help prepare the dinner meal and to play with the little pips during and after dinner.  Today a little after noon, I received a text from one of those youth saying, hey, we were told we could come back any night this week to help out, what time should we get there tonight? 

*****Two youth, who had such a great experience on Sunday are ready to come serve again. I love that we (as a congregation) provide opportunities for people to serve others.  You never know how a life will be changed or impacted by a moment of service.  I'm thankful to the youth who where here on Sunday and for those who are returning.  I'm also thankful for the other volunteers who will be here throughout the course of the week. 

I'm thankful too, for the opportunity to share these moments and experiences with others. 

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. 

I think the best way to share the news of the risen Christ is to tell someone else....


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