Monday, October 31, 2011

darn you gummy worm!

Hopped on the scale first thing this morning: 160.4

Even in the cold I got a short run in before breakfast Bible study. 
Food intake for the day:
coffee w/splenda & skim milk
2 dippy eggs & 2 sausage links
& coffee w/ 2% milk

I popped into the office of my awesome friend and saw the container of gummy worms left over from the reformation festival yesterday.  (Guess how many gummy worms are in the container as we learn about the Diet of Worms.)  I asked for one, picked out a tasty red and clear one (I had many of them yesterday!) I walked out the of the office...took a bite and then remembered South Beach and spit it out. 
Phew...I feel sorry for the gummy bear left behind but happy I remembered not to eat it. 

staff appreciation lunch !!!
I passed on the tuna noodle casserole & piles of fresh baked bread and went with the large chef salad, lots of veggies, ham, turkey and just a little of the cheddar cheese (I'm sure it wasn't of the low fat variety.) and a hot tea with lemon.

A snack of some peanuts and cashews and another cup of herbal tea as the trick or treaters came and went.

Dinner was the eggplant lasagna I made over the weekend.  Basically it's tomato sauce, fat free ricotta, low fat mozzarella, and mushrooms layered between the eggplant (that serves as the noodles.) and a glass of skim milk.

Happy Halloween!

We'll see how tomorrow goes...

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