Thursday, October 6, 2011

something to sing about...and more.

So yesterday I had begun the thought process of sermonating...but was not coming to any conclusions.
The thought/quote in my head was, "God's joy wins."  It's something we talked about in pericope yesterday, and it is either C. S. Lewis, or a paraphrase of his.  Because looking at the text for this week that ends with the wedding guest being bound and sent out where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth...and many are called but few are chosen. I was struggling to find the joy and the good news in this passage. 

As I was making dinner last night "Something to sing about" played on the iPod.  Nothing like a bit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to give some food for thought for the sermon.  It didn't make the sermon this week, but it helped me think more and more about how we share the good news of the gospel message.  What gives you joy? 
How does God's joy shine in your your your actions....every day? 

I was thankful to do a few hospital visits this week.  I visited a fellow who celebrated his birthday yesterday, and being on a liquid diet, couldn't even have the hospital birthday cupcake :(  In addition to that, he had planned on going to a local Smorgasbord where you get to eat for free on your birthday.  Well, it became quite the topic of conversation when the aides and nurses came in to take an x-ray.   They were a happy staff, clearly finding joy in their job, chatting with not only the patient, but his wife and myself as well.  As I left I thanked the staff for showing their love for their vocation. 
Today at my visit the patient's wife told me that one of the nurses called the Smorgasbord place to see if the patient could get a Dr.'s note that would allow him a free meal after he has been discharged from the hospital.  The restaurant said no....they used to, but they were taken advantage of...but here's the thing.  The nurse took the time to contact the restaurant on behalf of her patient.  How cool is that? 
That's something to sing about.  She went above and beyond her call of duty to provide extra care for her patient.  She has been called to this vocation, clearly. 

Today, as I went to and from the hospital...I started by listening to Annie Gallup.  I am always intrigued by her music/poetry....the way a lyric is a story turned into song...or it's a story that is recited, that stands as spoken word along with an accompaniment.  I listened intently to her intonation, her repetition, her style of delivery.  I'm trying to write more at least in a journal to put my words to paper more than just on the Sundays that I preach.  I'm hoping that practice will also help my newsletter articles and other writings. 

After Annie Gallup, Shawn Colvin made the playlist.  I couldn't help but be comforted by the lyrics to Steady things at work are a bit challenging...and the future is uncertain (as it usually is).  But I belted out Diamond in the Rough.  Fond memories of singing at camp...

Until the next tune . . .

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  1. Can I call in to the restaurant to pay for that guy's meal? Or Paypal you money so you can?