Friday, October 1, 2010

the simpson stamps are on a new mission

So I just finished writing a letter. 

This letter was long overdue.  Sent to a friend I met several years ago, who shares wonderful stories with everyone she meets.  Not only does she share stories, but she honestly cares for the people she meets and talks with.  She used to tell people that she would pray for them, but in her honesty, she would often forget to pray for those folks later on.  So now, in the midst of conversation, she will say, can I pray for you?  She stops what she's doing and prays.  She will do it over the phone, or in an email.  She has been blessed with this gift and she is not shy about sharing it...what a gift. 

I think I'm going to like this letter writing thing. 

And for the record, to celebrate the end of 30 Days of Biking, I went for a bike ride :)

Until next time...

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