Tuesday, October 5, 2010

time for bed

Let me start by saying this letter writing thing is great. 

So many moments pass in each day that I think...wow, I'd love to share more with that person, tell them how awesome they are... how I appreciate their honesty, their character, their chutzpah, or I just appreciate something they have said or done.  Now I'm actually getting around to it. 

So Omi, if you're listening...I'm finally getting around to notes and thank you notes that are long overdue. 

All you folks who have been reading the blog helped keep me accountable last month for both 30 Days of Biking and Blogging...this month, I don't want to blog every day in case someone who reads is a recipient of a letter...but just to let you know...I've dropped notes to folks in Indy, Terre Haute, the East Coast and just down the road.  I'll post a final list at the end of the month. 

In the meantime, I'm riding the Hilly Hundred this weekend in Ellettsville (just west of Bloomington) IN this weekend.  100 miles in 2 days...and I believe there will be a few hills.  Prayers and thoughts appreciated. 

Oh, this past weekend I went to the IU/Michigan game...and we LOST! Argh...but the stadium was full.

A sea of crimson. 

With our church's Chili Day tomorrow...and breakfast at 6am...I should call it a day.  

Until next time...

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