Monday, April 8, 2013

For Judy

Sometimes I just plain forget that I blog....and for that I apologize.

I definitely go through phases where I'm blogging early and often and then there are almost 2 months of down time.  I could blame Lent, but that wouldn't do any good.

I was thinking of 30 days of blogging...but some days I don't have much to share except the color of my socks or the length of my day.  Believe you me, sometimes the socks would make a better posting.  But I was reminded today, by a dear friend, that I do blog.  So here we go....I just want to say that I'm happy this day, to be in the presence of friends from all different times of my life.  The things we share, the new friendships being built and just the opportunity for fellowship, worship, a time to learn and many times to laugh.

Good conversations were had, too, even though we may not have heard all of them....

This 3 day retreat/continuing ed is a welcome time for me...for all of the above that I just listed.  For continuing ed, fellowship, laughter, sharing stories, rest and some time away from life in the parish.  It is a welcome break post-Easter and has already given me food for thought for the many ways ministry happens in the parish.

Until the next post, which will hopefully be in the next day or two....

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