Monday, January 3, 2011

a tent peg, a hammer and beef stew...oh my.

January is the next 30 days...which allows me to reflect upon hellos and goodbyes and living in a transitional period of endings and beginnings. (Thanks, Peggy)

Today was the last Bad Girls' Bible Study for me.  What started last year as a Bible Study around home cooked meals at my dining room table has blossomed.  The women today thanked me for starting this 'new/different' study.  In December, the women decided to take it on the road.  Now they travel to the homes of different women in the group and continue the study.  One of them said the other day, "Well, that's something we can continue on our own."  Exactly.  God is at work in these women, building new friendships, supporting and sustaining each other and their lives in faith. 

The beginning came in two forms today...
Firstly, I received an email that the first floor of the new house has hardwood floors in the living room, dining room & front entryway :)  The person spearheading the home preparations is excited to turn the house into a home for me...and the energy is contagious.  :)

Secondly, I received a letter in the mail today from a future parishioner.  We haven't even met yet, but she is excited to meet and is hopeful for our future together.  She send me wishes and prayers for a smooth transition. 

There is an amazing balance of goodbyes and hellos, of endings and beginnings.  All truly an emotional roller coaster, but I'm learning how to hold on when things go up...and just let go when the drops come. 

I spent this evening taping up boxes and working on the farewell and godspeed portion of this Sunday's service.  It's going to be a tearjerker.  Two people asked me today to not make it a sad service.  I know the Spirit will be there...and I'm praying for God to give me words of remembrance and joy as we worship together for a final time. 

Until next time...

PS. The quote of the day Sunday went to the acolyte when he said, "Yay!"
Context: He handed me a piece of bread, and said the Body of Christ given for you, I said, Amen.  And he said, "Yay!"  I nearly choked on the bread...but totally loved his enthusiasm and joy in the moment.  :)

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