Friday, January 7, 2011

more great moments

'Saying goodbye, why is it sad?
Makes us remember the good times we've had.'

Oh, sometimes the Muppets just know how to put our thoughts into words. 

It's been an amazing week of goodbyes.  Here's the challenging thing that I've found as the one who is leaving.  It's hard to see one person who knows this is the last time they will see you and then turn around to someone else who you know you will see at least 3 more times before you leave.  It's weird. 

I have been blessed with multiple meals and times with colleagues this week alone.  I can't believe that just 3 years ago I didn't know any of these people.  I realize how important fellowship, support, laughter and tears can be.  I'm truly thankful that I've had the time to meet and get to know some amazing folks.  They've seen me through some great times and some rock bottom moments. 

One of them gave me a hug after worship at our ministerium on Thursday and said, "The first time I met you, I gave you communion.  And now today, I gave you communion."  I love that the Lord's Supper has bookended our time together in this place.  I know that we will stay in touch through facebook and still continue to laugh and journey together...but our time in Indiana is over.  It began with the nourishment through bread and wine, it brought us together...and now it sends us on in different directions. 

Tonight, a bunch of us gathered around a crazy amount of mexican food and very cold (nearly slushy) brews.  I'm sure it could have been a time to be sappy...but we just continued to make more fun memories.  We laughed just as much as usual and truly enjoyed the company of one another.

While there are some folks who are not so happy that I am leaving...and they have let me know it...there are others who have still welcomed (in the past few weeks) the opportunity to spend time continue to celebrate and enjoy the time that God has given to us to be together.

I think, too, on the way home from dinner, that it really hit me that I have accepted a call in Pennsylvania and am moving on Monday.  (woah) It's pretty amazing when you stop to think about it how life happens.

Until next time . . . 

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